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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ESN workshop "The Beginning Volunteer" on 2nd March 2008

Enthusiastic to embark on your first visit to an elderly home but not sure how you can contribute?
Want to understand more about volunteering in an elderly home?

Worried that you have problems communicating with the elderly?

We believe the key is to 'prepare' the new volunteer with basic skills to undertake the volunteering activities in an elderly related agency. In this workshop, we attempt to cover the various aspects - physiological (Understanding the elderly you are working with) to physical aspects (Basic wheelchair handling) that a new volunteer need to take care of.

Basic conversational training to facilitate communication (Dialect training – Hokkien or Cantonese) and basic first aid (First Aid awareness) are also covered in the workshop.

“The Beginning Volunteer” workshop also provides a good opportunity to network with volunteers from other elderly sector volunteer agencies and understand how other volunteers conduct their activities. The workshop ends with a sharing session by a volunteer with many years of volunteering experience.

Venue: National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (directions below)
Date: 2nd March 2008 (Sunday)

Time: 9am - 3pm

Target participants : New volunteers serving in the elderly sector

To register : Email

Note: $5 will be collected for lunch, tea-break and materials cost


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